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best rebuild kits for ka24e

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just looking for a good rebuild kit that includes everything needed for the rebuild.... found a kit on rpm machine Nissan 2.4L 1989-1990 KA24E Engine Rebuild Kit need help thanks
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Well if your just re-ringing and putting fresh bearings in:
89-90 Nissan 240SX KA24E L4 Engine Rebuild Kit NEKKA24R: eBay Motors (item 130276477479 end time Sep-08-10 12:02:38 PDT)

If your completely rebuilding (oil pump, water pump, pistons, etc) get this:
89-90 2.4 Nissan 240SX KA24E SOHC Engine Rebuild Kit: eBay Motors (item 220628022554 end time Aug-24-10 17:28:22 PDT)

I've used both kits, but I highly advice you not to use the timing chain tensioner. (the curved peice that rides against the chain on the left) The tensioners are very sloppy so I would pick up a Cloyes from a part store to be safe. Other than that, they're very good kits and pretty cheap.
Thats not a bad deal... I say go for it.

I wonder if they got that for us dual cammers....Looks like they do. Nice find indeed.
they do have the kits for dual cams you can try this link ... Nissan 2.4L 1991-1994 KA24DE 240SX Engine Rebuild Kit 95-98 is a buck cheaper free shipping all august either way thanks for your help...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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