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September 13th, 2006

I became the owner of this bone stock 91 240sx Fastback
it was purchased from this one guy on Zilvia, Drift Freq aka Dave...
I'll be honest, I did not pay for the car myself xp...but all the aftermarket parts were my hard earned money...and installed by myself
I am technically the second owner of this vehicle
it is a 1991 model that was built in July 1990
its at 105k miles and an ex-autotragic vehicle

anyways...took some pics on my 2nd day of ownership

somewhat low mileage chassis, according to carfax, it's legit... o_O

gay tan interior
but everything was so original! I even have that little thing that goes on top of the center Nissan emblem on the steering wheel in the center console, VERY RARE! lol

half broken faceplate thats just hanging there, but it works...and somehow the OEM unit is still chilling there

awesome teardrop style hub caps!

exhaust muffler tip...which i still have in the garage...anyone want it? lol

stock KA24DE
and yes I have that distributor cover!

typical cracked overflow...

tooooooo damn excited that I had to take more pics

gave the car a GOOD wash and took some "artistic" pictures
and the first mod..........sleepy eye! :gaylaugh

from there she just went downhill :eek:

December 2006
bought a pair of OEM 7 spoke SE wheels because the tires on the steelies are almost bald
the car only came with one license plate because the front plate holder went missing, so i went ahead and got a new set of plates and ziptied that shit JDM style :rotflmao

yeah...hella ghetto :nono

heres some "fun" pics

LOL...chopped from my real plate

kinda like what i wanted back in the days...

i want to make my tails looks like this

some ideas of what i want my car to look like

and a replica of my car later on

January 2007
i decided that the stupid paint on wheels are pissing me off too much so i repainted them

stripped the paint

getting ready to paint


looking gooooddd

April 2007
found a steal on a pair of MINT condition FNs and tires that I couldnt pass up
5zigen FN01R-C 17x8 +35mm in 4x114.3
i believe they are the rare Hyper Black <-- rare color

test fit

"flush"? :happyfing

installed with 225/45/17 that the seller gave me, perfect size for s14, slightly big for s13

one day i decided to take off the bumper to take off the license plate holder thing

took me 3 hours to figure it out =.=
now it only takes me like 15min to take them off...LOL

May 2007
one day i had the bright idea of repainting my front bumper :nono

its not heavily faded....

July 2007
I graduated from high school and started working at this one ebay company
This marks the starting point of me dumping money into my car

Got a new custom exhaust
2.5 inch piping
Dual Tip Magnaflow Muffler

have to say its very stealth far so good as ticket goes...knock on wood

August 2007
i ordered some leds from superbrightleds :heyhey

these ones

and some leds for the sidemarkers and dome light, didnt really take any pics

although supposedly LEDs suppose to last forever, my cluster started flickering now... :crazyrant

bought a random tail light for $7 to attempt my own "clear corner"
used some fluorescent light covers...pattern is wrong, and never really did the other side...

bought some speakers from

Alpine 6.5 inch 2 way speaker SPS-17C2 - 250W Max

Pioneer 4x6 inch speaker TS-G4641R - 100W Max

Total $112 shipped

6.5 inch adapter plate
$13.98 shipped from mjmautoinnovations on ebay, good seller

Sounds AWESOME!!

went from 25W to 250W in front and 25W to 100W in the

also ordered some Carbon Fiber style racing pedals
this shit helps alot on heel to toe...:dancingco
never took pics of them yeah

picked up some Megan Streets coils from Jackson/JXN/Carparthookup/Sonic Motors
totally recommend them to anyone else!! very chill people

i figured, im still a noob thats learning, no point of spending big money on good coils
springs n struts will cost about 600...might as well just go coils...


halfway done....went to sleep

these pics were taken at like midnight...xD

finished the rear the next day

washed it

tooks some pics at Pasadena City College(PCC)'s parking lot at like 11pm

no I didnt do the burn out on the ground...

cops came after I took like 5 pictures and kicked me out... :12dunno

bought some NGK Spark Plug wires and NGK Copper Spark Plugs, OEM Fuel filter

September 2007
Ordered some new rims
Rota Grids 16x8 +10 in Black with a Red Lip

Also some red Gorilla lug nuts

Test Fit

gay center cap...

tires on
Federal SS535 205/50/16
too broke to get 595s...LOL


nasty dent on the back :-/

non-color matched front bumper

at the local 626 meet

its the 2 year anniversary
over 70 cars showed up....

somewhere in between I painted some interior parts black and got some free black rear seats

November 2007
then the ricer in me decided to get some knock off aero parts...
GP Sports G-Sonic front bumper and I believe the G-Four sideskirts

i sanded them down n repainted them
the bumper didnt really fit very i sold it later on

December 2007
my fuel pump died on me, got a used Walbro off some member on here
and my rear brake pads were completely shot, and the "brake dust" more like metal shaving was permanently stuck on my wheels :-/

got some H4 conversion headlight from JXN again

seal beam on the right vs H4s...HUGE difference

i switched out the "JDM White" bulbs for some PIAAs

February 2008
my infamous
some called it "knight rider" :gaylaugh

this pic is currently on my credit card :thumbsup

May 2008
bought a steering wheel off ebay, and some random hub
came with a TRD horn button because it came off a JDM SW20

here you can kind of see the racing

my roof looked like this

so i repainted it...

sooo shiny...all spray paint
i took my time this time and it came out great

gave my engine bay a good wash

soo clean!

my KA is constantly i bought
Koyo Copper OEM replacement radiator
Z32 NA Radiator cap (1.2? 1.3? bar vs the OEM .9 bar)
radiator hoses
Nismo Thermostat

got tired of my Rotas and traded them for some FNs

Federal SS595 Tires all around
Front: 17x8 +35 in Silver | 205/40/17 (tires are too small)
Rear: 17x9 +20 in Hyper Black |235/40/17

and during those times I felt in love with the wheel fitment game...

front is FAIL I know...

also got some quick release and lock for my car

September 2008
like I said before, the KA was constantly overheating! one day the whole head gasket blew...on the night before school starts =.=
fucking GREAT!
in a week or so, found and swapped in a S14 KA with about 68k miles
work was done over one didnt really took any pictures

also found out the clutch I have is a OEM replacement Exedy Clutch

from the motor swap, I found that motor mount was broken in 2 pieces...
got some Nismo ones from thenismoshop/West Covina Nissan

Tranny Mount

Yet again I decided to get a brand new kit
from M1 Autosports...honestly they are the best people

its the full GP Sports kit again, lost the pics of my skirts...but I sold them anyway

November 2008

after two years of ownership, SMOG came up and like most 240s...I got the test only AND it didnt pass
I was so frustrated and was about to just sell my car =.=
spend alomst 500 on "legalising" the car
Clean the EGR, new cat, labor, SMOG fees....eventually it passed

March 2009

bought one ITR knock off seat off someone on Zilvia

it didnt came with rails...NRG discontinued the I never put them in
eventually sold it

July 2009

Bought a replica seat off JXN, again awesome guy...hehe

Bride VIOS III Replica, didnt bother with getting the logo and carbon fiber backing and all need to attract attention...

Buddy Club Rails

rails in


August 14th, 2009
I trade my 17x9 FNs for a set of Tcsportline dual pattern 4 & 5 lug hubs

Brand new in box 180sx center is for sale

some random slightly used pads
one set of Hawk HPS and a set of idea which is which
only one set fit, other set is supposedly for Kouki S14 calipers...
threw those on along with some brand new 5 lug OEM replacement rotors...

OEM vs Aftermarket

OEM hubs has the NSK bearings...

hubs off

new ones on

test fitting

its rubbing....

these tires are about 8% too big...LOL

Also bought some Air Spencer JDM Squash air freshener from

so that pretty much concludes as far as what I had done with my car...
it is still my daily driver, eventually when i get another DD, i will probably tear apart the KA and build it up for KA-T...hehe

David's Nissan 240SX "Elaine"

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Yo wasnt that my seat???????????????????????????????????

oh and this shit is way to fucking long you should have broke it up dam kid you got school tomorrow hit me up i want to see it in person

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Fucking sweet man. Glad to finally see this, you've been through a lot for this bad boy. I'm still shocked at the stock Altima wheels (I think that's what those are) and how good they look. I hope to see more good things from you damnit!

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Yo wasnt that my seat???????????????????????????????????

oh and this shit is way to fucking long you should have broke it up dam kid you got school tomorrow hit me up i want to see it in person
yea i bought it off Raul...and sold it to another person who put it into his car but broke the seat somehow
and sold it to someone else

Fucking sweet man. Glad to finally see this, you've been through a lot for this bad boy. I'm still shocked at the stock Altima wheels (I think that's what those are) and how good they look. I hope to see more good things from you damnit!
my car broke down on my three times...
fuel pump
blew HG

but i still love it

and yeah those are the altima wheels i jacked from my dad's

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go post pics in the subie section!

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