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Around march i posted in the Sr20det section about blowing my turbo at the track and it was recomended to me that i use Blouch Turbo for the rebuild. Well I did and i cannot be happier with the results. The turbo I sent in was an hks gt2835r. They had it rebuilt the day it got there and shipped back to me the next day. When i got the turbo back you couldnt tell that it was even used. It looked brand new and it felt brand new, absolutely no play, spools quick as hell and holds the exact boost its set at. It cost 650$ to have rebuilt because it was dual ball bearing. Much better than buying a new one for sure. Also purchased a 3 inch Isis O2 housing and Isis turbo lines. The o2 housing is great, the turbo lines are shit. It's seems like Isis is pretty much hit or miss so be carefull with that company. Anyways i definitely recommend Blouch Performance turbo. Sorry for lack of pics and short review but kinda strapped for time.

Blouch Performance Turbo
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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