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Blow off and Wastegate set up...

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Hey all this is my s13 silvia with my new Top mount turbo for my KA24. I am here to try to find some help with my Blow off and Wastegate set up. I am not sure that i have it plumed right. My wastegate vacuum/pressure line come directly off the turbo compressor housing. and the blow off is tapped into a small line off the intake manifold. Is the small line going to cause and any problems? when i let off of boost i dont hear, see, feel, or anything coming from the blow off... so i was just wondering if its not opening or if i have it set up wrong. Also is the wastegate supose to be set up this way? I was told to do this by someone but i just wanted to make sure. thanks
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the signal line for the bov should be from behind the throttle butterfly so the bov goes into vacuum when you shut the throttle (which pulls the bov open)

Got a closeup of your bov? If its the two input type you might have the vacuum line it in the wrong place
I will get a pic of it to post but its a dual valve and i currently have it hooked up to the top valve of the BOV.
lol forgot to specify.... the siver one is my wastegate. and the purple is the BOV. i just got pics of both incase something looked backwards
It would help if you would show pics of where the vacuum lines go to after they leave the wastegate and BOV.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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