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Blown motor!?!?!?

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:scratch::scratch::scratch::scratch: alirght so i bought a 1990 from some kid that ran it out of fluid and over heated it and judging by the chocolate milkshake state that the oil was in i figured it was a blown head gasket. so i got a gasket set. changed all the necessary gaskets ( intake manifold, exhaust manifold, head gasket.) checked the upper timing chain tensioner and it was still there and in working order. so it didnt rub a hole in the water pump housing. Filled it up with coolant. and some cheap oil. found some plastic chunks in the old oil but have no clue what that is from. Ran it for about half an hour to flush it out. then replaced it with some good oil. new filter both times and everything. but i filled up the radiator, and ran the car. it fucking over heated and the new oil is all shitty looking. no white smoke at all but the car definatley over heats. and somehow the water from my radiator is still getting sucked into my oil somehow. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
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