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Bouncy RPM needle

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Got this weird problem ever since I installed my remote starter, so here it is:

It's an auto, sohc; as soon as I start pressing the gas pedal while driving the RPM needle goes all the way to zero and goes back where it should, I mean even if I slightly touch the pedal it goes all the way down and goes back up even though RPMs don't even change it's just a jumpy needle. I know grounds are ok, although I do have some altima fans and as soon as I flip the switch it does the same thing for a second. Is it my alternator on its way? I don't know what to look for, however, this weird problem doesn't affect the driving ability of the car itself. If I won't find wtf is going on, I'll just keep driving like this cause it really doesn't bother me much. Thanks in advance.
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