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brake kit

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Where do i buy one, too lazy to hunt through all the threads. I wanna go from 4lug 240 to 5lug 300zx brakes. Link me what i'd need to get to install! thanks much guys, im just really iffy about some of these sites and not sure if im getting all i need.
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your kidding right? your to lazy to take literally 5 minutes to look through this forum to find the info needed? well if you need someones help to help you find the information to do it, good luck actually doing the work.

anyways here is some stuff your lazy canadian ass

I would go through this guy to get the brakes. he is a forum sponsor and is 100% legit.
Silver Mine Motors

and here is some info

good luck on the rest of the stuff.
Haha ^^ made me :rotflmao:
oh i can do the work fine :p thx very much!
your polite-ness only irritated me more lol.

good luck with. next time research before starting useless threads please. your making us canadians look bad! (kidding)
\ thread...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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