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Brand New Holset H1C Turbo

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Just like the title says I have a brand new Holset H1C turbo for sale. It has a 16 cm^2 turbine housing, which from what I read is comparable to a .81 a/r. It also has a 360 dregree thrust bearing for durability. It also has a t3 exhaust inlet flange and a 4 bolt discharge. I am looking for $350, but don't be afraid to submit any offers.
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I can't post any other pics cause it won't let me, but if you want them just ask and I will email them
yes they do come from from diesels, however, they have been proven to make very good power on gasoline engines. The Hx35 has a comprasser map very close to a 60-1, and the H1c is only slightly less efficiect. They also have proven themselves to last over 100,000 miles.
ok, heres the good and bad,

Holset = probably the highest quality turbo ever

holset = for diesels, menaing big boy turbos
yeah this turbo flows enough to make 400+hp.
I'm going to be running that exact turbo. What do you think it will max out at? Bump for a nice turbo.
make me some offers guys...I need to sell
internal or external wastegated?
anyone? make some offers
can you email me more pics? [email protected]

also what is the size of the compressor inlet... 2.75?
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