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KA24DE engine rebuilt by Rices Performance Engines
Aries 8:8:1 pistons
block bored out
Square decked
new bearings
rods shotpeened
3 angle valve job
cometic hg
arp head studs
oil pan tapped
engine has about 1300 miles on it. broken in na then turbocharged for about 2 days the pulled out. the only problem with the engine is a leak from the hg bc it wasnt torqued down right from the builder. have receipts too
1200.00 firm ill pay half shipping cost now...

JWT 1995 manual ecu with a 72lb and 300zx mafs program. ill also throw in a boostdesigns top feed fuel rail.

450.00 shipped

FN01R-C bronze
17*8 +25
17*9 +35

will clear z brakes and coilovers, brand new in box still.

600.00 plus shipping

RB20DET w/ 50,000 miles runs great, stock boost
aftermarket intake manifold
aftermarket turbo and tial 40mm wg
comes with tranny
comes with B&M short shifter

2100.00 + shipping, would like pick up if u can

KA24DE has 100,000 miles
Needs new hg

150.00 + shipping, would like pick up if u can

[email protected]
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