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buying a 98 240

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i'm going to be picking up a 98 240sx se auto and was wondering if there is anything i should look at when i go to take a look at it. (like problem areas, and such) also how hard is it to convert the stock ka from auto to manual. from what i heard its not to hard. price of it? thank you
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also i know i could search for the answers but with my work and short time till i get the car i don't think i'll have time
Its really not worth it. Alot of time and money but if you want to do it then go for it. Cause you said yourself you dont have time.

But people do it from anywhere like 300-500 doing it their selfs

or paying like 1200 for a shop. I looked in to it for my dads car
well i will have time after i buy it just these next couple weeks ill be busy and 300-500 don't seem to bad and plus i got plenty of friends to help me out. so anything i should look out for with the s14 that are problems?
Thats for a s13. For s14 ask boxfresh and boosin. I know boostin spent a pretty penny on the swap. And box is going to also be going one when he swaps in his sr
It's plenty worth it. /slap. Spread the right info. You don't think having a 5spd is worth it? Oi.

I spent a lot, because I got a lot of new and upgraded parts. (Lower miles trans, new lines, short shifter, aluminum driveshaft, new slave/master, nismo pivot, etc etc etc)

You can get a setup for 500 if you're lucky/quick when they go for sale, or you could spend 1600 on parts and 700 for the install like me. I don't have the time so I let a local trusted shop do it.

For future reference, coming off as "I know the info's there, I'm "busy" (read: lazy). We're too short on time to offer help in many cases. As another WI guy, I'm playing nice. In the time it's taken you to make 3 threads, you could've found the info.
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