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CAI question

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i removed my stock intake to replace it with a injen but i have a question about the circled piece in the pic what is it and do i need it??

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im not sure of the actual name but it just reads the temperature of the air as the intake sucks it in and sends it to the ecu for a/f ratio information, my car doesnt have it and works just fine but it doesnt hurt to have it either, if u can find a way to get it in the intake or right before the filter than it should be good, but again, you dont have to have it
alright thanks man just didnt want to eliminate it and have it give me problems better safe than sorry
It's called the IAT. It monitors intake temp to allow the ECU to use optimal timing without pinging.
ok so i was a tiny bit off but i knew it measured air temp for something and i know you dont absolutely have to have it, i didnt have time to look it up, thanks 240 kid for giving him the correct info, i wasnt too far off though
so it is safe to remove it?
I cant remember 100% but im pretty sure it needs to be plugged in, doesnt really have to be plumbed into the intake.
I'd rather have it plugged in and zip tied to the pipe or filter so at least it will get a general temp reading.
i dont have it and actually neither does my friend he has an 89 coupe and i have a 90 hatch, both our cars run fine, and he did the dohc swap, so its not going to hurt if you remove it, but that being said i agree with 240-kid, it doesnt hurt to have it on there and it doesnt have to be in the intake, just near the filter so it gets a general temp reading, but if youd rather just remove it you can
I have mine plugged up and zip tied into the filter itself. It may not be neccessary but i would rather be safe than sorry
Like kid said, its an Air intake temp sensor. The AITs can retard timing 8* depending on air temps. The early KA's with 9.1:1 did not have an AITs, but the late model 89's were revised and added this sensor along with a tweaked ECU. I would not suggest removing it. If your running the car on a hot summer day under a heavy load, this will help keep your KA from detonating.
Btw, unless the sensor is actually reading intake air temp, its useless. If its picking up air temp coming in from the grill or engine bay you might as well just unplug it and hope you never detonate.
i might have to go get one then lol, my car didnt have it when i bought it and has been fine even on hot days under load and overheating but if its cheap i'll pick one up
Could cut and plug it into the coupler. My .02.
I didnt even think of that. Good call
Yeah, better power / mileage to be had with it pluged in and working.

I hooked mine back up to the intake pipe after the MAF in a near stock location.
well the cheapest i found it so far is 45, fuck that lol

its odd though i checked autozone and checked under a 93 (just to see if they used the same part# as the sohc so i could go back to the junkyard and snatch the one off the 92 there) and they dont have anything like that for the dohc

just thought that was odd
Could cut and plug it into the coupler. My .02.

thats a very good idea im waiting on my maf adapter and air filter from e-bay once it comes in ill hook everything up and let you guys know how it worked out ill also post a pic foranybody else that wants to see how i did it for reference.
ok i got the filter and maf adapter here is a pic i HAVE NOT installed the little airflow thing yet its 100 degrees here today with the humidity its feeling like 110 outside im going to wait till it cools off to mess with it.

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