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Car not attempting to start! dash lights come on but engine doesn't make noise

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HEy, I got a KA-T I was trying to troubleshoot a leak that I was having issue with from the turbo feed. It started fine then I turned it off, now it does not want to turn back on it's like it does not want to ignite I always had this issue sometimes it takes a couple of tries before it decide to start. When it does start it will come up fine engine is not struggling to come on or anything like that but just seem like now it does not want to ignite at all usally it takes me about 3 tries now its just sitting there. I have had this problem before so i just left in alone over night then came back out and it worked

Just wondering if you guys might have an idea of what is going on?
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I found out my problem was the clutch sensor , if any of you guys ever have issue with the car not starting when turning the key make sure the clutch is actually pushing the button down. If you look below the clutch you will see it
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