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Car not attempting to start! dash lights come on but engine doesn't make noise

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HEy, I got a KA-T I was trying to troubleshoot a leak that I was having issue with from the turbo feed. It started fine then I turned it off, now it does not want to turn back on it's like it does not want to ignite I always had this issue sometimes it takes a couple of tries before it decide to start. When it does start it will come up fine engine is not struggling to come on or anything like that but just seem like now it does not want to ignite at all usally it takes me about 3 tries now its just sitting there. I have had this problem before so i just left in alone over night then came back out and it worked

Just wondering if you guys might have an idea of what is going on?
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Get a mulitmeter and start checking voltages. Make sure there is 12 volts leading up to your starter, if there isnt 12 volts leading up to it then that means its not your starter.

if there is 12 volts leading up to it, that means it quite possibly is your starter.

Thats where I would start anyways.
it could also be your ignition (cylinder/key) but for our cars its the whole cylinder, key, harness. yea, pretty much check the starter w/ the multimeter like box said, and also check the ignition switch.
it could be a temp sensor i had a similar problem but not with a 240 but the problem was the sensor thought the engine was too cold so it gave the engine less gas at start so it took me like 4 or 5 long turn overs before it started thats just my 2 cents it could be the starter just throwing other possibilites..
Hey guys , turns out it was the clutch sensor I started checking around on google and I saw nothing but suggestions about starter anyways my uncle mentioned to check the clutch senor and turns out he was right, I looked below where the clutch padle was and pressed it down I can see it was not pushing that button down. All I did was belt the peice of metal to make sure that the sensor was being pressed it now I do not have this issue anymore.
always the simple things..
it could also be your ignition (cylinder/key) but for our cars its the whole cylinder, key, harness.
Not so (for S13s at least). The switch itself pulls out of the ignition key cylinder with one screw, and then can be actuated with a flat head screwdriver.
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