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cb radio question

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So i came across a cb radio in a friends house that he wasent using and gave it to me cuz he wasent using it, so now i want to install it in my s13. Im going to install it just below my radio in the open spot benith it( cuz its just small enough to fit). My question is how do i wire it in? Do i wire it into my power line for my audio or just run a seperate line somewhere? Im not a big electronic wiz and dont want to start splicing stuff in my harness and it beeing the wrong lines. So any can help?

P.s. its old and looks like its made in the late 80's and early 90's, there is a positve and negitive line and what looks like a line for an attena
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probably only needs an accessories wire unless you need to use it with the car off. Using a +12v means if you forget to turn it off it will drain the battery
Just took a look at the back and it says 13.8v. So im guessing you would have to hook it up to the battery? Its a midland 77-104 if it helps
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