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Check this out!!!

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I seen it on monster quest they desected it and found it has organs and have no idea what it is.

YouTube - Alien baby in Mexico stumps experts is it just an elaborate hoax
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^ i remember something about this.... i thought it ended up being something obscure? maybe not...
here you go
well. isn't that just fucking creepy.

you would think there would be more of an awareness about this.
its dead... it wouldn't make much of a pet.
Couldn't you have imagined walking up on it and seeing the little bastard panicking with his bud tryin to get him before the ****** picked him up and drowned it.
why must you post things that make me lol
Lol thats all I know how to do is entertain lol.
Happy to know. lol I like the paranormal to. but I've never been serious have to many wisecracks about things.
same here bro. its cool but im to skeptical
im a realist. do i think we're "alone" in the universe? of course fucking not... its entirely too big for us to be the only intelligent life.

do i think that red necks are gettting probed up the booty? i think some have been... and others use it as an excuse to get away with some bullshit.... or are just crying for attention.
I agree. It takes a close minded person to think that we are the only intelligent civilization out there. Especially since we have found planets that appear to have the same land and water structure as the earth in deeper space
1 - 20 of 49 Posts
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