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Date: Thursday January 19, 2006
Time: Meet at 9:30 Leave at 10:30 sharp
Where: Ikea parking lot at Woodfield, MAP
Alternate Location: Hooters parking lot at Woodfield. Only go here if something happens at Ikea

From Ikea we will take 290 all the way into downtown. From 290 we take Lower Wacker all the way to Lake Shore Drive. We will take LSD down til we hit E 18th Dr. where we will stop for a break and take some pics. From then on we'll vote on what to do next.

Cruise Rules and Suggestions:
Use common sense here people we don't want any 20 car pile ups thus creating the biggest shattered dream ever. Pretty much don't drive like an idiot. Drive as if your mother were sitting in your back seat.

If you got em bring some FRS radios(walkie talkies), this helps in case somebody gets lost and lets us keep everyone together

Bring any car you want as long as it's in safe working order, we don't want any random parts falling off while on the highway

If you have anything to add please do so. Otherwise just vote for a meeting spot and wait for further details about the route to be posted.
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