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Club Loose Summer Moves

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Little late on this, but oh well, been out of the country.

Summer Moves

$156 paypal to [email protected]

Registration ends the Thursday night before the event, so 7/29/10.

Open to everyone.

Gates open at 9. Driver's meeting at 10.

If you need tires order them now, like in the next couple days, there's been a lot of availability and shipping problems, and if you don't order very soon, it will be out of my hands if they don't show up.

Thanks to Jay for the flyer.
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may be there...
I maybe there to watch. I saw an event down at summit point last year and caught the bug. So I got another 240. If I finish welding my frame back toegether ill be there. Or else Ill be at the next night moves.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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