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Clutch upgrade?

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So i have a 92 coupe that was a autocross/dd for ab out a year and it still has a stock clutch. o and about 140000 miles on it. I can tell its going out, i cant get it into gear and it feels like its slipping. So my point is which clutch to get. Im just wanting something good for 300 hp or just a stage 2 of some sort. Ive looked into a few different ones like exedy and act clutchs but i just want the best for my car so any suggestions?
Thank you:lamende:
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The Spec stage 3 is the most bang for your buck.

They make some badass clutches for the prices.
how would a stage 3 do on the streets though? stage 3 for a dd sounds like hell
South Bend (DxD) Stage 1 is all your gonna need.
Good choice, a little expensive but a good choice.
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