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cold air.

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Has anyone tried using a short ram intake, taking out the airbox and using a rubber adapter just a bit bigger than the MAF and compressing the rubber so it will go inside the maf with a secure fit? i did this last night and i was wondering if anyone else has tried. it works good so far but it could go at any minute. also in the metal curved pipe i drilled holes for the air temp sensor and the vaccum hose. for the vaccum hose i used a copper 90 degree pipe i soldered it in but the solder broke but there are no leaks what so ever. so has anyone else tried this or am i the first and if anyone wants to check out the setup ill upload some pics upon request.
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Pics pls, sounds kind of an awkward set-up from your description...
it is an alright setup but it still needs some work. it is just until i get a maf adapter

so how does it look to you? this is pretty much my first time ghetto rigging a cold air.
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its probly not doing to much as all i did was replace the air box with a cone filter. once i replace all the piping and stuff with wider metal ones it should be good but that is not until i get a maf adapter
just a suggestion, take off your aiv, (that vac tube right after the filter) it doesnt do any good and can actually do more harm than good, unless you need to keep it for emissions, otherwise ditch it

heres a write up on it:

1989-1994 240sx: AIV PAIR valve removal tutorial : Nissan Online Mechanic
^No but the IAT is good to have.

And can't really call that a "cold Air" cause it's still in the bay where it's sucking in hot air...
If you are willing to do a battery relocation to the trunk, I've had great results from a shorty style intake where the filter sits right where the battery used to be. Throttle transient response becomes amazing.
i can relocate it but i havent found anywhere to put it yet. also people do say the air temp sensor is not needed but without it when i would turn my car to on i could hear the fuel pump engage for a minute then when i tried to start it it would start for a second then die. so i thought it was necessary. i am replacing all the plastic tubing with chrome metal tubing tomorrow and hopefully finding a new place to route it but no i do not want to put my battery in my truck there is not much room with my sub there. and other ideas of where i could put it or a better way to attach the MAF? without getting a maf adapter.
Talk about Heat soak. That pipe is gonna get HOT. I have Aluminum piping but mine grabs air from the Bump so It kind of cancels out the Hot pipe by getting Colder air outside. You can wrap it with header wrap, that'll keep the temps down. You really only have 2 Options. 1. Going the normal route that the stock pipe goes. 2. The USRI (As I like to call it) that bmoses mentioned, it gets cooler air because it's on the Intake side of the engine bay and it doesn't crossover the radiator.
thats odd cus my car doesnt have the ait and it works just fine
It shouldn't affect start up. It's just there to optimize timing for the Ambient temp so you don't knock when it gets hotter before it's too late and the knock sensor starts to pull the timing.
Short ram: Not worth it. Heat soak to HELL and back.
ACTUAL CAI: Cool beans
^Nothing gets better then a USRI unless you make that with a CAI Ext also.
couldnt i just cut out the area where the old air box used to be and relocate my cold air down farther? i looked at my brothers camaro and thats where his was.
also, could i not relocate the battery to the other side where the old airbox was?
You can do either or.
eBay has CAI for like $20 shipped lol
What was the point of that lol.
I wouldn't spend my money on one of those unless you live in CA.
im relocating my battery to the trunk. You can get the tray and enough wire to do so at advanced for around 20-25 dollars
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