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The car is a 1990 midnight blue pearl hatch with an automatic transmission and no sun roof. Very rough paint, on the top of the car, and gone on the top of each bumper. It is sitting at a repair shop and has not been registered since 2017 according to the most recent sticker on the license plate. I saw the back of the car from the road and went inside to ask about it. They said it could be sold, then offered a price ($3,000) and said it needs the fuel sending unit (seems to check out as the old one is sitting in the passenger seat). They also said the car comes with a new fuel tank, and I believe I saw it in its box behind the driver seat. There was no fuel tank underneath the car.

The body looked very straight, but it is possible I didn't pay as much attention to the passenger side as I should have. I forgot to take pictures from all the angles I had wanted. The interior of the car looked to be in pretty decent shape, if a little dirty. I saw some small cracks in the dash, but it wasn't falling apart. Looks to be all stock except for the wheels that are on it. It even has the factory radio. The only rust I saw underneath the car was on the exhaust pipe.

I didn't have much time to spend to really check the car over well, and of course I would look better before buying. I'm wondering, based on this information, what a good starting point would be if we are able to get the car with title. Planning to call the shop it is at on Monday to ask more questions and possibly get better pictures.

Interested in knowing the problem areas to look at that I may not be aware of, what a realistic price would be, and other information I should know before getting into repairs on the car. I'll be looking around the site, but I'm at work all weekend and will have limited time to search topics. Thanks for any input even if it's telling me this would be a waste of time and energy.

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Hi there, welcome to the forum.
It's not so much that theres a lot of difficult work involved with getting one of these back up and running, it's the fact that it's time consuming and parts are getting really hard to come by.
If that is an automatic with the original ka engine, then it's not going to shock you when you get it running.
If it's been sitting for 4-5 years, you will need to go through the whole car.

Assuming the following:
-Engine is the original ka and works fine, minus this fuel pump and fuel tank needing to be put back in
- They are in possession of the vehicle title (which is very unlikely)
-It doesn't have a lot of rust, check the frame rails right by the front where it curves upward to the firewall
-Doesn't have a million miles, I'll say 100,000 to 150,000

I'd say $1000-1800

Check your states laws on how you would go about getting a vehicle title. Maybe they do bonded titles in your state. Or you have another mechanic friend who can put a mechanics lien on it, DO NOT use the shop you are buying it from for that.

Since they probably do not have the vehicle title I'd say stick to $1000. By the time you go through the hassle of all that, it'll be close $500-800 to get a title.

It really depends on the condition of the vehicle. if it's rotted, I'm sure you can part it out for some money. But do your own research.

I bought an S14 without a title for cheap. Literally the next week there was an identical S14 that was running, for $1000 WITH a title. I've already spent way more than that just getting a bunch of spare parts and what not. Car doesn't even run yet (meant for track duty). So beware. You want to be really knowledgeable before you can make a decision, don't let a project 240 be your first experience unless you have prior experience resurrecting cars from the dead.
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