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Coupe, trade for hatch? FL

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1989 coupe, chuki bumper, two tone. Black from windows up, maroon/red from there down. The car is a five speed, has ac, ps, rolling on steelies, aftermarket springs. Ummm.....dash is cracked, needs some interior stuff, has s14 belts. Car runs fine, needs a brake booster, sounds like poop....previous owners awful attempt at making an exhaust, also has an overheating issue, which i believe is the thermostat. Only when the car has been sitting for around ten minutes. Never gets warm when the car is moving at all.

Yes, I realize this is a horrible for sale thread, but im really pressed for time and I will update this thread by tomorrow at lunch with a better list of specs, and pictures. This is mainly just to try to see if there is any interest from anybody in the area.
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