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CP piston and SR Block

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I have brand new set of CP piston 86.5mm/8.5:1 and Redtop SR block already bore for the pistons. Also crankshaft is cleaned and polish. I also have a sr head that has been resurfaced.Im selling the block and Piston as a set for 950. Piston alone cost me 580 when i bought it 6 months ago.SR head 200 obo.I have many other parts much to list...Im located in Southern California. Orange County area. I'm selling due to money issue and cant continue on with my project car. Picture will be posted up later today.
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Is 200 obo for the head complete or bare? Let me know. Doe you have the cam caps also? Let me know.
I have everything for the head,but its all apart. I had machine work done to i had to take it off.
What kind of work was done to it? Can I get pictures to [email protected]. I get this from you Friday when I get paid.
Here what was done to the block and head. Head was resurface. Block was jetwash,bore & hone to 86.5, Resurface block.Crankshaft was cleaned & polish. I still have the Head cam caps and bolts. I have lots of stock sr parts, Manual transmission too for sale.
Block and pistons still available? Firm on the price?
Yea. the piston and block is still available. 950 for both..thats including crankshat lower oil pan. etc.. Machining the block alone cost me 150.
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