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Cranking but not starting!

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Well hello,
Well let's start off I got myself a 92 s13 ka24de and it was running fine and just one day I go to start it and it cranks but no start so I do the check the norm stuff, spark fuel air ya know that junk I got air (derr) spark whether its correct or not is unknown due to lack of a timing gun and got fuel again don't know if its correct starting psi due to lack of a pressure gauge and I don't think the chain skipped cause I didn't feel an advance or a retard while driving it last besides one of my intercooler pipe popping off. So I went further got the pen and paper and counted flashes got a crank position sensor code and a knock sensor code ( there's the timing issue ) bad coolet sensor which I know cause the wires going to it got hacked no idea on how, and a no ignition signal to ecu on starting, so what do you guys know on this and what should I replace, thanks.
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Bad crank sensor will cause no start and knocking. Start there
Ok another question now that crank position sensor is in the distributor right so can you grab that separate or do you have to buy the whole unit? And if its not in there where is that bitch at?
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