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I need an s13 guru to help me out
I have a 1990 or so I'm told a 89 s13
I need help with the dash lights and passenger side headlight and running lights.

There is two plugs jumped by the battery (picture) I think the red wire goes to the power on the starter.

!Stock head unit!

Dash; warning lights work, clock light works,

Radio does not work or turn I have running lights everywhere else except that front passenger side

blinker high beams and guage lights do not. I opened the little TCU at the kick panel. Everything was fine, checked all the fuse panels, replaced the headlight switch with a very expensive oem headlight switch, cleaned the connections at the link on the positive terminal on the battery. Took the cluster out and cleaned every connector on it taking all the bulbs out and cleaning the sockets. Still nothing. I will post a picture on the inside of the TCU.
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