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Did I just fry both of my ECU's???

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Ok here is my problem. I just did an auto to 5 speed swap and was driving around with the auto ecu. Today i decide to put in this old manual ecu that came with the transmission i used. First i disconnected the battery, then unscrewed the old auto ecu. Next i screw in the 5 speed ecu. when i reconnect the battery, the negative terminal sparks. i then go to try to start the car and nothing happens. I put the auto ecu back in and nothing happens... What did i do to them????
my 240sx is a 1990 with a 5 speed that also came from a 1990
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That doesn't seem like it would fry both ECUs - I'd first check for blown fuses, or maybe a dead ECCS relay.
Definitely sounds like a bad fuse/relay.

Does the CEL light come on when you have the key in 'on' position?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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