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dif fan controller issues!

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i recently wired up my battery fans ect. everything is wired up correctly and even had people double check on my wiring, but the problem is that it will not go into the programming state. all it will do is when i hit the manual switch on it will turn on fan 1 at ful speed please help me, im blowin in the wind
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Did you wire them up relays? How do you have them wired?
Moved to proper area.
no i just have a fuze on the constant 12v. apparently there is a relay inside the controller. i have fan one and two grounded separtely then both are wired up to the controller separately and the ground to the controller is going off a bare metal ground to the frame and the ac spade terminal is wired right to the battery just for programming and the controller still will not respong. and if i just hit the switch for the fans only one fan will turn on and even the terminal for fan 2 as no voltage
does the controller automatically switch on 2 fans when a certain temp is reached maybe?
I ran mine to a toggle directly to the battery. It works perfectly.
the car is actually not running yet, it need the injectors turned down and tuned. but i talked to the techs at dif and they ran me through it and declared it a defective module and their going to test it there and then send me a new unit. i hope thats what it is
I've seen a lot of DIF fan controllers not working properly. Hell I've seen one that completely burned itself! Your better off returning it and making your own circuit with relay.
I had problems with my DIF controller twice. When I first got it, it didn't go into programming mode and then a month later when the fans would stay constantly on during the drive. Sent it back both times for it to be repaired.
thanks everyone for your advice. unfortunately i just got a hayden fan controller for really cheap and have been using if for quite some time now with no problems but i procrastinated all summer and now into winter and my warranty expired lol.
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