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does injens CAI extension fit on the stock intake pipe?

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i was thinking about throwing the injen CAI extension onto the stock intake ..would it fit right onto the intake adapter where the aftermarket air filter sits? anyone tried this? i dont really wanna dish out the money to buy the full injen intake pipe..its kinda expensive..thnks
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why even bother cold air intakes dont add that much. you could probaly do the same by adding some really good fluids, synthetic.
they dont add much power but they do add some efficiency. plus....if u put that extension on, the filter is gonna be ruined in no time. also if a good rain comes down that could cause problems if u hit a deep puddle.
It might work, try comparing maf locations with someone using a Injen Intake. I just used one off a Z31 I believe it was (just had to modify a bit)
i haven't looked at the injen CAI recently, but iirc, it bolts to the MAFS in the stock location, so i don't see the problem of adding it on to the stock intake pipe.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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