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DOHC Cluster $40 shipped.

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have a DOHC cluster from a 92 coupe. Comes with cluster harness.

just want it gone, looking for $40 shipped.

you can use it for direct replacement or for you SOHC guys swapping to a DOHC motor such as KA24DE, CA18DET, and SR20DET.
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would really like this gone. Post any offers.
I am VERY interested.

How many miles are on the cluster?

What's your PayPal?
send me pics at [email protected]
it says 180k miles.

my paypal is [email protected]
I'll let it go for the first $30 shipped.
replied offers too low.
why are the needles all spun over like that? that normal?
since theres no power the needles move freely. Nothing to worry about. Once its plugged in and you start the car it goes back.
'nother PM sent

Ok, I'll meet you half way...
i am ready to buy if its still avaliable
whoever sends payment first my paypal addy is

[email protected]
cluster is sold
dam i was gonna send the payment last night but i figured ask you first errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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