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Hi everyone,

Well, we have the dyno in and we have a weekend free, so I hoping to get a nice little get together/BBQ/dyno meet going for all the Nissan guys. Other cars are welcome too but it will be mostly Nissan. So, if you've got any buddies that would like to come along they're very welcome. Also, this is a TWO-wheel dyno, so unfortunately anybody out there with awd vehicles looking to hop on they dyno are out of luck.

The dyno is a dynodynamics with eddy current load control, so, its a pretty nice dyno we can do variable loads, whatever you want. It will be $55 for 3 pulls. If you need a tune or something we can help you out with that too time allowing after everyone has had their quick power pulls. Some of you guys probably know our tuner, his name is Bucky, he used to do a lot of his tuning out of Shawn Church's place for the Nissan community. We will have a bunch of hot dogs and burgers on the BBQ and drinks there too for all of us to eat, all the food will be free. Should be a real fun time.

So, aiming for 25 vehicles present to get on the dyno. It will start around 10 a.m., like to have everyone there before noon to hang out and enjoy the food. Depending on turn out, I expect the event to go into the early evening. Just RSVP in this thread if you're interested or shot me a PM or post in the thread and ill put you on the list.

iMPULSE Engineering
15321 Transistor Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Event: Dyno Day/Car Meet/Free BBQ

Date: Saturday 4/4/09 @ 10am

1. our carbon s13.5 (not too much power but still pretty mean haha)
2. G37Rider92649
3. PxRdrift
4. WizDUMB
5. jspeedm
6. SCRoadster
7. pimpin714style
9. Baskins87
10. s13boy89
11. xpertsnowcarver
12. hadinpants
13. m-azing
14. mannylovelian
15. JDM671
16. baskins87's+1
17. ?

Just post up in the thread if you'd like to attend or PM and ill put you on the list :)

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I might be interested in coming...I don't have a Nissan though. That's a fair price for 3 pulls. A/F capability?

I may also have 1 or 2 other guys interested. How much room is left? Let me know!
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