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so time has finally come to get the damn car tuned this weekend cant wait i got gt35r turbo fully built head (bc272cams bc valves,retainers,and springs) arp head studs 720 venom injectors intake mani,full 3 inch exhaust and apexi fc other little shit i cant think of right now but the only thing thats killing me is my stock block but ima have to deal with that right now untill i get some exrta little money to buildt it wich will be by dec what kinda number u think ima put out im hoping mid to high 3's im pretty sure that stock block can hold it (sr20det) redtop
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For longevity of your bottom end you should stick to a subtle tune of 350whp. You will be happy with it. Unless you have had more powerful cars before lol
350 is ok i guess thats about what i was planning till i get the block shipped out and built but yea i used to have a civic befor with 558 to the wheels but just got kinda tired of fwd 240's are fun fuckin cars man lol
Civics can have 100hp or 1000hp, they are still pieces of dogshit.

IDK why people even wasted money on them to begin with.
^WTF? Dude. Chill.
I could say the same thing. "IMO My STi put your SR 240 to shame, I don't know why people buy them, they're pieces of dogshit"
Why don't I? We're better than that here.
Was his car, didn't ask you to own it. Get off it.
Waste of a post, and the 6 seconds to read it.
/rant refrained...
wooooo woooo 375whp 368 torque on stock on stock bottom
Grats. Post a dyno sheet!
Let's see how long it last
375rwhp thats a big number on the stock bottom end, I would turn down the boost and keep it around 330rwhp. I mean i know the bottom end can handle it but for how long? Congrats though, Dyno Sheets!!
^Agrees with what i said

Lets see how long it last
No sense shitting on his dyno thread. Even the OP knows it won't last forever. Get off his ass.
but i want to know when it blows up
That is a big number congrats bro

Im runnin on about .25 hp cuz i have no car lol
OH NO HE DIDNT!!!!! :iwithsupe
^^What ka said
but i want to know when it blows up
And we want to know when you'll grow up.

OP- If you can't post the sheet, take pics of it? Give us more details on it?
You should def be the new mod boosin

Your always bitching at me just like kato did. Thats why i voted you
You should stop being a Troll...
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