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east bear headlights for sale

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Selling a set of authentic east bear headlights. not ebay knock offs. They come on my car from japan land. but its not my style. They are champagne colour, all 4 lights are ajustable. plug and play with ease and line up perfectly.

pics on request.

Canada, Saskatoon, Sk
will ship at buyers expense, pic upon request.
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give me and offer but remember these are close to 1000$ new, and very rare. not saying i want 1000$ but they arent 200$ ebay knockoffs.
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those are ugly as fuck, bump for the seller with 3 posts
offer, i hate them personally, and want pop ups.
to his, his own.

and i only post to sell so no i have something to sell. other wise i just troll
Ill give you my pop ups and some cash if you want
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