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ecu flash for 95 ka24de s14

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Ok, there is a few ways out there to flash the ecu:battery,hand held and ecu pin. I have tried battery and it didnt work. The handheld did but its the shops and i hate bugging them so many times and the ecu pin thingy i have never tried.Is there a link anyone has where a site explains how to do it? Ive never done it and im not sure how. Imma use google for a bit and see if anyone has a good link when i get back.
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Alright, the only option for me and for me to do this correctly is to use a handheld because i just read how to use the screw to flash the ecu and it made me scratch my head and say *wtf* the whole time. If anyone has a link showing how to do it with pictures plz let me know.
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