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ecu flash for 95 ka24de s14

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oK i made a post before, but im about to do the computer flash manually ie ecu pin. I want to know what will happen to the cars current state after i reset the codes. Will it start acting up or will it run smoother? Please respond asap before i do it. I dont want to bother another shop again to flash it. I got a diy from on how to do it and im wondering if thats the correct way to do it.
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You mean Re-Set it? You don't flash our ECU's.
It will run just like it did before you RESET it if you have not fixed the reason you are getting codes. It only takes a few moments for the sensors to go through the learn cycles.
Holy shit your alive lol
well itts cleared now but im gunna part the car since automatics aparently suck in a high stop and go traffic area
Autos are best at that...but ok. Glad you fixed it.
no shit they are but everyone claims that manuals are too. Id like to see any of you come to town and drive in my traffic without hitting anyone. If any of you can do it ill give you all 50 bucks
Learn how to drive.... Makes me wonder how you got your license if your having such a hard time not hitting ppl in stop and go traffic.
I have never driven a 5spd in traffic i avoid them at all costs. 2.In my 5 years of driving ive never had an accident in my 240. So dont be telling me what ive done in my car in traffic. Learn to read. I wanted to see if anyone can do it in a 5spd in the traffic in my area. Noone would stand a chance not even the best driver. I see fenders left and right everyday. Thats how bad it is here and how hard it is to not hit anyone.
Mhhmmmm, anything else?
Um.....try DC Metro traffic, ass. Grow up and stop bitching on every thread.

Alphareta, GA according to the web has 40-50k people. Here it's over 8 MILLION. Don't talk to me about seeing fenders all day. There's a reason we're in the top 3-5 for the country's traffic in every survey.

I drove the 240 both auto and now 5spd, meh. I also drove the STi with a heavy clutch in this traffic. Stop whining.
Since the thread took a hard left and now a big dive.....

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^:lol: .. :scratch:.. uhh just don't drive forward until theres like 15 yards of space iono.. be like Nike... now here's the Hard Right.. i wanna use castrol edge cause of the commercial.. will it do the hair blast to black people hair?!
Haha. Nice pic meatwad :p I like it.
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