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egi fuse buzzing alone with car running bad and drainging battery .. NEw thread

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ok so i looked it up and found alot of threads on this but none of them really explained how to fix the problem

so here is what happened. pulled into my drive turned off the car about 5 min. later went to leave car would not turn over battery was dead put my charger on boost and jumped the car ran good for about a mile and started running like crap im guessing cause the battery when dead again so i lugged ti back home missing and smoking and oped the hood the egi fuse was buzzing with the key out of the car and the brake and other misc. lights were still on which is y the battery was dead im guessing i could also smell something like burning in or around me car could have ben the extra strain on the alt. im no sure but im puzzled i also pulled out the egi fuse stated the car while hooked up to the charger and ran great like it did before this problem

any ideas?
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well after some trouble shooting i found out that the lights stay on and the the egi only buzzzes when you turn the key on to ignition and do not start the car if you start the car and turn it off it stops but if you turn the key on ignition and dont start there back on. also found out my alt. quit working and my battery had a dead cell its a 91 with 196k miles so im not sure what i should do prolly will need a fuel pump soon and sounds like there is a vac leak somewhere..
so i replaced the alternator and it fixed the problem
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