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elec issues...need help...

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aight, let me start from the beginning. no i didnt search as to because this is a new development on my car from what i worked on today. now im just boggled and cant think of what i messed with to get it not to work.

ok, i lost all power inside of the car. whole cluster doesnt work, dome light doesnt work, headlights turned on(but had to manually pop them up), brake lights didnt work, tail lights didnt work, reverse lights did work.

ok what i worked on today. i swapped out my pcv valve and swapped in a new hose that connects to it. to swap the hose out, i had to remove my fuel rail, remove injectors #1 and #2, removed egr equipment near the pcv valve. ok, now that i opened that up, i removed the hose and what not. the only electrical i did mess with was the negative terminal was removed, so i can work on the car. after the pcv valve and new hose was replaced, i put everything back together. injector #1 and #2, fuel rail, all egr equipment, vacuum hoses and what not. put the car back together and reconnected the negative terminal. turned the car on and presto the car runs. no vac leaks or anything. ok i when i got off of work, i went to turn on the lights and the headlights where the only things to work. i drove to a friends house that was a few blocks away so he could drive behind me to my house. when we started to drive away, my lights, cluster, tail/brake lights all turned back on. tachometer/speedo/temp everything all worked again. i dont know what the F*** is going on. the only thing that i can think of was the wiring were the injectors hook up to(behind the valve cover) was moved and its not getting proper connection. i didnt mess with any wiring, and the last sentence is the only things that makes sense to me. it is dark right now and i cant work on my car(obviously) and i will get back on it in the morning.

oh yea, after i got home, i turned off my car. and everything went down like it was supposed to. i went to go turn on the lights again and PRESTO, the shit happened again. no power from the firewall back. so like i said before, i dont know what the f***. please shed some insight as to what i may have done, or if what my assumption might possibly be the issue. let me know thanx..... thanx for all your guy's help in advance....

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either theres a loose ground somewhere that you may have bumped while all that stuff was off or your wiring harness may be shot, idk check all your relays and fuses too, sounds like a loose connection somewhere thats all i know for sure, i know you said you didnt mess with anything but those two plugs but maybe the connection was loose before that and unhooking the battery killed the current flow and now it'll only come back when its warm, idk im just trying to help lol
thanx. im gonna have to check it in the morning. lol, im gonna try moving some wires around and see if its a connection problem as far as the plugs or something. idk...

also, i really hope my harness is NOT shot lol....i hoping its something simple that i just overlooked. know what i mean. anyway, thanx
It'd be weird to suddenly be shot.
I'd bet a dollar on lose ground, start with the terminal.
yea, my plan of attack is to start with the negative terminal, then the positive terminal, then the fuse box near the battery as well...and just trace it back from the fuse box to the rest of the harness.
ok, i messed with the wires and removed and reconnected both terminals and made sure they had good connection. i also checked the fuse box next to the battery and everything seemed good. all fuses are good. i checked the harness by the injectors and everything looks good and all connections are good. i went to turn on the car to move it because my sister was leaving and the car turned on. i went to put it into gear and it stalled. (weird) i usually never stall, but what ever i restarted the car. i started to reverse again and it stalled yet again. now, im flipping out. i turned over the car once more and just reved it. it was cutting power BAD. it didnt even pass 1800rpms. after it went into idle, the car shut off again. i went to turn it over and it sounded like the battery was dying. i ended up pushing the car out of the driveway and off to the side of the curb. i took off the battery and the alternator so i could get it tested at my store. when i got it tested BOTH the alternator and battery were good. now im like WTF. even though it was good, i swapped the alternator and battery anyways. im going to reinstall it tomorrow and see whats up. now, im even more confused. anyone been through this, or can shed any light my way.

earlier in the morning i turned over the car and nothing worked, just like last night, and when i reved it, everything turned on again. it was kind of weird. once everything turned back on (lights/tachometer/stereo/dome light/etc) i flipped the switch for the head lights and the stereo cut out for a few seconds then came on. i retried the head light switch just to make sure it is not me, and it cut out again. i turned off the car and turned it back on, everything went back to square one. i reved the car again and presto everything worked again. im seriously boggled. what do you think.
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i swear meme your car and its electical gremlins

my friend was kind of having the same proble with his car (its a saturn and btw saturn=dumb lol)
it turned out to be a ground wire or something on his alternator was broken off causing all sorts of problems
like stalling and his lights and radio started acting crazy

so check the wiring with your alternator
otherwise im still voting a ground or bad wiring harness, and i know they just dont go bad but maybe when you moved it around it broke some of the insulation on the wires inside, think about it theyv been probably sitting in the same position for about 20 years, theyve probably dry rotted away, but i could be wrong just throwing my 2 cents in there

i know my wiring harness is on its last legs, when i wiggle the part right by the cts the idle jumps around a little
it sounds to me that u are having a unicorn party in ur car...

its a wire grounding out somewere...(power wire) just out of curiousity...(happened to me once and i wont forget it...) the bracket that holds the intake down. thats not loose is it?(mine was a lil bit and i felt like i had dancing unicorn partys in my wiring...) it was grounding out against the power wire for the starter causing everything to short out.... donno on the headlights n whatnot because when it was happening i didnt have headlights or nething like that to begin with
i got a question. now would the wiring on the alternator cause the tail/brake lights not to work. or even the instrument bezel(cluster)? im going to install the alternator tomorrow and i can check its connections then.
well when my friend was having problems one of his tail lights completely stopped working all together and his radio was acting retaded i know that much, plus his car would stall out if he tried to put it in reverse or just when he first started it hed have to start it twice
alright, alternator and battery have been swapped and installed into the car. the car starts and now there is no hesitation. it just revs like no tomorrow. now the car runs perfectly fine, but im still back to square one. im still having the issue of not having power to the cluster/stereo/etc. when i rev it via gas pedal after like 2 or 3 times i finally get the power on inside the car. idk. when i installed the alternator and all the connections seemed fine. even though they seemed fine, i used a wire brush and cleaned what i could and then reinstalled it. idk, im seriously contemplating about taking it to an electrician. i just want it fixed, but i wont have cash to take it until next month. idk, we'll see what happens. if you have any suggestions on what it could be please let me know and i will check on it. i'd rather not take it to the electricians but my electrical intellegence is not that much.
start jiggling wires...(lil bit at a time...) and when u get to the spot that turns everything on u know were the short is...
have you checked every single fuse and relay in the car? i have some extras if thats what it is, otherwise there has to be a short or bad ground somewhere idk what else it could be
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Stereo's are optional ;)

No, really. When I bought my first STi, they were optional. :p

Glad you got it 99% fixed
no, its actually only %50 fixed lol. the original problem still persists. when i turn the car on, there is still no power to the whole car only the head lights, but they do not retract up. the cluster still does not work, dome light, brake/tail lights, etc. only when i rev it and sometimes it takes up to 5 times to rev it, then all of the sudden i get power to the whole car and the cluster works and everything. so, it ghetto fixed so i can still drive the car at night, as long as i rev it and the power comes on. and let me define the cluster not working, the tachometer/speedometer/temp/fuel/etc gauges do not work until the power is restored. but, yeah, its drivable. now, also until i get it to %100 fixed, im disconnecting the battery so that the battery does not die on me.
ill check the fuses and grounds tomorrow. does anyone know specifically where the stock grounds are?
unfortunately i do not and my car is wired all kinds of crazy from previous owners
alright, i got to play with the car for a little bit. and i also bought me a new toy. a Multimeter lol. well anyway, after i had to tow my car home the other day i used the multimeter to check the battery, (for shits and giggles) and it was at 6.89v. so i took it to autozone to charge it and guess what. it was bad lol. i was like, dude, i just got it on sunday, now its no good? lol. anyway, i got a new battery put it on the car and started it. i have had a hunch on what one of the issues is with my car, so i drove my car to autozone and did a charge test on the car. and guess what. it does not charge the battery. it passes diodes but not the regulator. (i think thats what reg stands for) anyway, but i know its a good starter cause we tested it before i took it home this past sunday when i picked it up. so that being said, the cable that bolts into the back of the alternator is what's messed up. so, i, either have to go to the junk yard and find another wire piece the bolts to the back of the alternator and follow it up the harness(or where ever it goes). my friend said that he thinks it goes to the fuse box next to the battery. idk, i didnt really get a chance to check it out, and i gotta go to work in a little bit. so, the next time i get some time to really get down and dirty and following that wire to see where it goes, ill update you guys with it.

also, do you think that because that wire that bolts to the rear of the alternator can cause all of the other problems that i have been having, as far as the cluster not working, tail/brake lights not working, etc? anyway, let me know what you guys think.
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most likely because thats the exact problem my friend was having lol, wow thats just crazy it was actually what i suggested lol
aight, cool, as soon as i get a chance, ill fix it. thanx for the help. and ill post what happens afterwards.
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