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Electrical issue NEED HELP

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I have a 1990 KA24E, the motor is getting ready to be swaped for KA24DE so with that being said here is my issue. I went to drive the car the other night and everything was good with the car with the exception of the motor (internals) i pulled into a gas station about 300 yards from my house and the car died no power at all, i got out and wiggled the power wire on the battery and the head lights came on so i shut them off and tried to start the car the starter clicked a few times then nothing, at this piont i have no head lights, interior lights or anyother electrical functions at all. ok the things i have checked the battery 12.2v, the starter power wire from the battery 12.2v and both the battery and starter are new, the power wire connections as well as the ground, i have also checked all the fuses in the fuse block by the battery they are all good as well, now i'm not 100% sure how to test the relays but the seem to be clicking when you try to start the car. The car has power going to the digital clock on the dash but as soon as you try and start the car everything goes completly dead until you unhook the battery and hook it back up again. Now as of yesterday i was able to roll the window up and down before i tried to start it then it died again. I just want to make sure that it is not a problem that will be staying with the car after the engine, ecu, and harness swap. Any help will greatly be appreciated.
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sounds like a bad or loose relay, my friend had the same problem, it was just a loose relay
was there one in particular that you replaced
the ones powering the dash lights and everything, it caused the car to do exactly what yours is doing
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