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hello everyone, i hope you guys and your families are all staying safe and healthy out there in the world. i'm a longtime lurker and i've been slowly working on my 240 that i had when i was a kid for the past 3 plus years and have gotten a lot of useful information from here. thanks for that by the way. this is the first time that i really haven't found what i'm looking for specifically to help solve my problem and needed to reach out for help. for starters, my car is a 240sx s13 obviously, hatchback. i did an rb25 engine and transmission swap and also added a wiring specialties harness. made for the rb25 s13 swap.

my symptoms are when i turn on my running lights, the blinker indicators on the dash come on. all the lights around the car are working except for the trunk bulb. i'm not getting power to it.

when i turn on my hazards, the indicator lights on the dash stay on and dont blink but all the bulbs for the hazards on the car blink.

when i use a turn signal, right or left, it's irrelevant, the turn signal not being used flashes at half the brightness as the turn signal being used (on the dash). and the other lights on the dash flash/dim with the turn signal. the bulbs flash like hazards when either turn signal is used (at equal brightness). also, my glove box light flashes on and off when a turn signal is on, i cant remember if it flashes with the hazards on.

with the engine on, the idle revs up and down when a blinker is on. even turning on the running lights, you can hear a change in idle.

tachometer doesn't work, not sure about speedometer as i havent been able to drive. all other lights on dash operating normal and headlights operating normal.

also, i tried moving the car in 1st gear and reverse just to see how and if it moved and my tires were starting to spin as i started to slowly release the clutch. i mean almost as soon as i start to let off the clutch my wheels are turning way too fast, not sure what the problem is.

what have i done? ive checked any and all fuses, i've done volt meter tests on the three relays for the headlights just because you could hear clicking in one of them when the turn signal was on. i've checked all the engine grounds. checked if i have power going to the fuse box, i replaced the turn signal switch on the steering column, i checked the flasher relay, checked for power to flasher relay which i have but i didn't have power going to the third prong and i think i'm supposed to have power going to that. there's only one ground on the harness that has the turn signals and glove box on it and i checked it and have 12 volts. i even saw a youtube video that said to disconnect the power cable from battery, hook up a test light to power cable, touch positve terminal on battery and if light comes on they said there's an electrical short somewhere. my light came on indicating i have a short. they said next step was remove each fuse individually and when the light turns off, that's the line that has the short. i removed every single fuse i could find and my light never went off. i'm just at a point where i don't know what to do next and could use a little direction. if you have any idea what i should try next, i'd sure appreciate it. thanks for your time, paul

update- i found where the problem is kindof, it's the room lamp fuse area. the fuse is not being blown though. now i just need to find where specifically the promlem is.
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