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electrical problem help asap suggestions needed

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I need help guys and gals. My 95 zenki has this electrical problem that i cant figure out whats wrong. Here is what its doing :

almost 95% of the time i start the car the cluster lights up like it should then the car just cuts off and wont start.My car has a battery relocation kit in the trunk and i think it might be that because the cables are so loose even after they are tightened because now they are broken but still clamp, they can easily be pulled off the battery with ease. Now i have that battery gel on the connecters, but that aint helping. I spent 400 bucks on the battery relocation and i dont want to cut the cables and put new connectors on because that will be a bitch.

Second i was told by a mechanic it was the ignition switch which i find unlikely because the car starts fine when cables are adjusted right. The battery is brand new. The only other thing is the alternator. Last time i checked it, it was covered in oil from a previous leak. I cant take it out because it was a bitch to put it in in the first place.

Any other suggestions would be great. Oh and ground is ok just checked that. Thanks guys for reading and i hope you can help me solve the problem
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They make a cap to go on there to make the terminal larger.

Even so, changing out the connector (since you said yours is broken) isn't that hard, and is a lot safer.
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