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Ok, to start I’m not great with wiring AT ALL.
I have a 93 s13 that had started a v8 swap and then sat in storage, for about 10 years, loads of things got changed and modified.
I loved this car as a ka so after all that time away I decided to switch back to factory setup, but, found a donor s14 for parts.
Ok, that being said, everything matched up, suspension swapped back, dropped on new rotors and bushings throughout, found that all of my clutch stuff was gone somewhere so had to go with new tubes and hoses, clutch components and all. Also was missing a harness, bought an s13 harness and just kinda draped it onto the engine to find out it still needed the starter/alt side, got one of those and put it on, but there’s some plugs that are just free ballin at that point along with the ecu was missing 🙄, so I order a used one online that fits the bill of ka and manual, proper year but then there’s a distributor issue, retired the harness to fit the s14 Dist. Per a diagram found in another forum. Got some spark but I’m thinkin I have a disconnect somewhere, no fuel pump signal and no coil signal. I jump to the coil to get that initial spark but have since lost it. Is there anywhere in Georgia that I can just take this dang thing to for the completion? I’m in over my head and way way over budget but knowing my limit has brought me to this point
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