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engine compatibility

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hi guys. so heres whats goin on. i just looked at a 92 coupe that runs good and has a 5spd the cars pretty cheap but theres alot of rust. i already have a 95 240 but the engine is no good and its an automatic. my question is, will the s13 engine/tranny drop into the s14 without any problems. the only thing i noticed was the distributors were different. any help with this is much appreciated and thank you.i tried searching but came up empty handed. please help.
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im pretty sure its the exact same engine, the ka24de, so yes it will work but you will have to do a few things, like change wiring harnesses or something along those lines, it wont just be a drop it in and go type deal, but it shouldnt be too bad or hard, just research s13 ka24de into an s14
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