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Exhaust and header help ka24e

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i took the whole stock exhaust off and i took the header off . i wanted something better and louder and recently i bought a 3" exhaust i was wondering what kind of header should i put because so far i could only find 2.25" . could i make those to fitt ?? or is there a header thats 3" its for a ka24e. liek could you tell me excectly what i need on the exhaust this is my first time doing this or summit pictures:scratch:
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um, you need to research the forum before posting. but 2.25 is a pretty big primary tubed header for our cars. you wont get that much power out of the pacesetter header. i would just leave it stock manifold. the kae head flows really well. maybe get it ported w/cams or something if your looking for more power
^agree. 2.25" is probably not going to give you the power youre looking for.
the power he really wants comes out of a turbo kit. a guy on another forum has that cxr kae turbo kit running 10 psi making 225whp. thats more than plenty to play around with. & those kits are cheap as fuck. ive done research & the turbo's aren't that bad either. may be another option for the op
i wanted to know what peice i could buy to make it fit because i throw away my header and exhaust becuase i didnt think i needed it
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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