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Exhaust lineup

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Going to order headers and exhaust in..
Headers > PACESETTER Mild Steel Header 91-96 240SX, 2.4L DOHC - Exhaust & Header - Turbo Tech Racing, LLC
Catback > Megan Racing

Anyone have some feedback/opinion on this combo. Any concerns bout this "high temp cured paint" on the headers, never used painted heads before.
I'm going for the quieter stock looking exhaust for that reason. And it's 2.5" to keep the low-end torque happening. I've heard good things from pacesetters, and it's in my budget (the ammount I want to spend really :/)
Thanks guys. Ka ftw
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Me personally, I would look for another header. Only because your replacing one part of the header. Why not try and replace the entire thing. Best bet is to look for a 4-2-1 header, better flow and replaces everything from the manifold to the cat. DC makes a good one but new they are expensive, but you can find a jem somewhere. I personally have a full header/cat delete/cat back, that came with the car, that was bought off eBay I'm assuming, its got good welds and will hold up till more money and turbo comes. Good luck!
That is replacing the Entire thing. The only thing he's missing is a CAT or Test-Pipe. The picture they have is for a Sentra SE-R SR20 IIRC. Jump on eBay the PaceSetters go for like $160's. Legit ones not copy's. But if you need to keep emissions OBX makes a Copy of the PaceSetter with an EGR Port.
Plugging the EGR port can be a royal pain FYI.
How do test pipes sound on ka's?
How do test pipes sound on ka's?
Nice as long as you have a quality exhaust.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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