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F/S - 95 Nissan 240sx - Long Island, NY

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Hey guys,

Please bear with me while I describe my car (my heart is breaking while I type this). It's a 1995 240sx coupe with a teal paint job and grey interior. It's in good working condition but the only thing I've modded (if you can call it that) is the sound system that can read data cds and is ipod ready.

The only pressing issues with the car is that it needs a new oil pan, the blower motor resistor needs to be replaced (the fan works only in the highest setting), the engine check light is still on for some reason (I've replaced the solenoids in the transmission, O2 meter, and air flow meter), the plastic underneath the engine needs replacement, the passenger side door needs WD-40 on it and the muffler needs a little work. Overall, they are minor repairs but I can't afford to put more money into this car at the moment.

Like every other 240sx, it had an engine overheating problem. I had to take out the thermostat so that the coolant immediately starts flowing as soon as the engine starts. Take what you will from this.

The paint job needs a little TLC.

This car is ideal for modifications because everything else on it is either original to the car or replaced with genuine Nissan parts. Since you basically have a relatively clean slate to work with, the only way to go is up.

The other stuff people want to know: A/C, power windows and doors, power steering, updated stereo (but not speakers), etc.

I'm selling this car against my wishes and I decided if I had to sell it, it's going to someone who can appreciate it and give the care that it needs, not some punk high schooler.

I'm asking 5K, and would appreciate constructive feedback on the sale, since it's my first one.

I'll try to upload pics soon.

Thanks and sorry for the long post :(

Heartbroken B10Haz4rd
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