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fastest/most hp sr20 with T28 (S14/S15)turbo...

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Me ... 12.85/ 112 mph 330whp/328lbs or torque on a stock motor only bolt ons.
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Wow, really stretching that T28R huh?

Dyno Sheet?
oh yeah and even a gt28rs turbo no gt2871 or larger numbers please!!!
^^^what 240kid said...I see a pissing match coming. I've never had my car dyno'd, however it was tuned by the previous owner. It would be hard pressed to make that power and I have the exact mods you have with S14 SR and I have the 15 turbine, so it should be better, but over 300 hp is a pretty good stretch on the 28 ;) Based purely off the races I've had and the results, I would put mine in the upper 200's. There are basic tuning packages running around here, with all of these exact bolt-ons and an ECU, that are designed to put the SR in the near 280PS range.
So GT2860RS an bellow?

Dyno Sheet?
Define "Bolt-on's"?

And dyno sheet.
Todays dyno ... I made 301whp/318 ft-lbs of torque with my S13 redtop. All I have is a S14 t28 turbo with JWT tune. I am satisfied with those mubers but I have a BOV problem I need to fix. I made more power last year with the same set up.
originally posted, by you, in your visitor messages...still a stretch, unless you have a 15 SR...
Yes 2860rs and below turbos. My setup: 740 injectors, Z32 maf, intake, full exhaust, radiator, fuel pump intercooler, and computer at 15.5 psi on a dyno jet. The turbo was not maxing out yet, freshly rebuilt for $300 for a friend. The shop said I have like 2 or 3 more psi in the efficency range to max out. T28 specs confirm this !!! My car is the perfect set up for the new tomei M series turbo.
Oh yeah and my sr20 is an S13 with 40miles been in car for 6 yrs now no problems.
^^^^no sheet here, either, scanner problem?
^^^^another scanner problem?
We are a pessimistic people, and we require proof...that's just human nature....
40miles? 6yrs? Now your gettin' sketchy...
Well I do have the last dyno of 301whp/318lbs or torque on my phone I can email but my scanner stop working. I have noticed that the temp has alot to do with dyno numbers too. Send me a private message and maybe I can figure out how to post it.

No I am not I brought the car 3.5yrs ago and it was sitting in a garage for like 1.5yrs. The kid I brought it from was an into the car and drove it for 2yrs. He gave me all recoors of the car from day one including every single oil change the car before and after the swap. I paid alot for the car I thought but I was lucky except for a few maintanice issues. Damn so the engine has been in the car more like 7yrs.

what the f*** sorry for the spelling guy !!!

Wow looking at my paperwork I figured out why I lost so much hp. The day I made 330whp/328lbs torque I had 5 gallons of 100 octane and I changed the plugs, oil and fuel filter just before I dynoed it. When I made 301whp/318 lbs or torque I only changed the oil and it was on 93octane. Damn little things make a difference. I have read that they do but I can personally see it for myself. The 12.85 was done on slicks in 94 degree weather at 15lbs with a 1.8 60ft time. It can be a little better my mechanic says. To think I was thinking about selling the car and buying a fully built integra with 810whp. I don't know man I have had my car for a while and had fun with it not even building the motor yet. My friends now my car in the ny area dynoed @ TSADYNO. Check this place out if you live in NYC.
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Check out me and friends on YouTube - NYCNISSANS.Com - Having Fun. Of course the s13 is my car. My friends 335i is fast but I have more top end than him or I did before he modded it more.
Dunno how well 740's and a JWT tune fall under "Bolt-ons" category. Now you're edging into decent modification.

And yes, 100 octane makes a big difference.
Yeah but I need a bigger turbo. When I had the car the first 2.5yrs it had the stock t25 and moved to a t28 s14 turbo but now I want that tomei turbo which they said didn't even hit the states yet. No until the end of Aug.
Did anyone check out that video yet?
@work, so negative.
dyno numbers are pointless in pissing contests unless all cars you are comparing were run on the same dyno on the same day

and if I were you, I would do other things before getting a bigger turbo/more boost.
Yeah I was going to do the head and refresh the bottom end with the good bearings. Just want to make 400-450whp which looks very possible with the tomei M8270. Especially with meth or race gas. I don't drive the car hard all the time just sometimes. Like in the video I was at only 10psi. Maybe that why I haven't blew the motor yet. My friend has a fully built short block for $2500. But I still need a turbo and a few other things.
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