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feed back on custom front end for s14

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Ok i decided to play around with mspaint with a picture of my car to test out a custom look for the headlights, fogs including hood pins which i sucked at making and the bumper lip. Let me know what you guys think.

I dont paint well, but im gunna work on different headlight styles just to see what you guys think.
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I dont know what im looking at.. not understanding the dots. Are they supposed to be bulbs lol?
Same here. WTF am i looking at
didnt you just paint the headlights/turn signals black and draw a lip? and add hood pins lol
Horrible job at it lol
I told you guys i suck at this shit. Yea the dots are suppose to be lightbulbs. I have no talent and designing now get over it,lol. My buddy seems to understand whats there the first time he saw it. He may even test it out. Basically guys, heres the set up there:

Hood pins
kouki halos for zenki
blacked out turn signals with yellow hid bulb
and the zenki lip.

Yea i admit it my art work sucks.
whats the point of hood pins?
Well, nothing really, Hood pins are just a want, not a need. But styling is a must if your going to build a show car and thats what im pulling for. A dd/show car.
im not much of a fan of hood pins if there not needed,

but its your car.
Yes but your car is like sex on wheels it doesnt need hood pins. I figured since i have an ugly burgandy car then why not hood pins or dampeners. Oh btw where can i get hood dampeners if i dont want to order theM?
you can pick up dampeners from just about any auto parts store, but then it would be up to you to make brackets to mount them. I just ordered mine off Ebay for like $50.

There is guy running around here that has double projectors with halo, next time I see him, I'll ask about pictures.
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That projector looks like a legit job
That projector looks like a legit job
Most of them look good from the front, then you open the hood and look at the back. It's hard to make them look good in the back. Some of the projectors that people use are so long that they even have to bend up the rad support a little. I'll just stick with my clear headlight covers and 12k HIDs.
WTF did you go 12k!? Hurt my eyes much
12000k only refers to the color. In fact, the higher color temp you go, the less light output you get. So, in theory, my lights should hurt your eyes less then every OEM HID headlight out there. In reality, they are bright as fuck because my housings were not designed for HIDs and they have clear covers. :p
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