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Filling Crate. Who wants parts?

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UPDATE: I was informed now that I have had quite a few requests that this may take a few months to get shipped out. More volume than they expected me to pull so far, so just to give people a heads up on how long it may take. Also it may take a while to get price quotes for everyone. He has to track down the parts before he quotes them.

My friend over in japan which is a full time exporter is in the process filling a crate for a shop out in Washington. He asked me today if I knew anyone that wanted to get some parts from Japan. As of now the shop is filling a 20ft crate, but if they can get enough parts on the crate they will move it up to a 40ft. This will be the third time in the past 2 years that they have sent a crate over, so no need to worry about the crate and parts getting over here. My friend actually works for a large japanese junk yard, so can get about any oem part that you are looking for with most leading car manufactures. If you are looking for aftermarket, he can get that as well. LARGE items only (half cuts, engines, wheels, body panels/kits, etc...) The crate will be being sent probably within a month to month in a half down the road. This will be a 20 to 40ft container, I will email him with requests and will see what the pricing will be on the part and shipping. We will need Cash in hand before we get the part and put it on the crate.

Please keep in mind that this is going through a company, they are in it to make some profit in order to make it worth their time, so please don't expect to get amazing prices. This is an opportunity to get hard to find parts or jdm parts for a reasonable price....better pricing then you will normally find.

***We would need the money ahead of time, so we are not wasting our time and our own money.

Email me: [email protected]
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sorry if anyone tried to send me a message on this forum. my inbox was full and I did not notice until now. Please send them again if you could and I will answer your requests.

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