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finnaly got myself a build thread (update 10/29)

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so after 2 long years of waiting i finnaly got myself a 240. Black 93 hatch with 138k on the clock, 5sp and bsaically rust free. going to pick it up in a minute so i will have some pics shortly. heres a quick run through of what im looking to get in the next month or two.

stance gr+ pro
Battle version rucas
Battle version tension rods
Battle version toe rods
SPL tie rods
5 lug + Z brakes in the front.
blitz nur-spec
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finally we dont have to hear about what car you might think maybe yes or no your gonna get.

now we just gotta hear about what parts you might think maybe yes or no your gonna get.
it had a bra on it, thats why the hood has that wierd dirt. it needs new pads all around it seems and an alignment, and i need to get the horn working so i can get through inspection. but tommarow and saturday im gonna have little time to work on it, but sunday is gonna be a major cleaning day. wash it, clean the interior, take out the "system" wiring, put in my head unit from the Z, try to get the pads done and the horn working. and my alignment will have to wait when one of the guys at work have some free time. but now for the pictors!!!1

i will get more on sunday when i clean the car up some...lucky me the car really is pretty rust free. framereails are good, none on the strut towers or in the engine bay and very little on the hatch under the wing.
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picture batch numero DOS! heres my progress for tonite, gonna give her a wash tommarow and reinstall the rear interior, and see what i can do about the head unit. and sunday...idk, i'll see then. probably write my english paper.


cracked dash :/

THE HOLY GRAIL OF 240'S!! sunroof shade bag!!

System wires :nono

Dirty floor

All clean!!!

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looks nice man..

its also cool thats its bone stock and not a ready made.
Why is the sunroof shade bag the holy grail of 240s? I have one.
whats up with people always painting shit white?
Why is the sunroof shade bag the holy grail of 240s? I have one.
yea, I have one, too. they're rare
Morgan , you do know to get rid of that rear wing , i mean sponge before it rust through your hatch right?
USDM_rice said:
whoa, wait . . . this is your first 240sx?

yes i know...removing the foam is on my to do list. but the rust underneath it doesnt seem that bad though. and hopefully the rain holds off for today, i think i have some satin black left over so im going to paint the silver trim pieces today and im ordering new lower control arms today from PDM racing, new balljoint and all new rubber bushings in new stock oem arms for only $100 for both! and im also getting a head unit mounting kit too. hopefully i can get this thing registered on wednesday so i can start driving the piss out of it.
^ Looking good Morgan... I see you bought the PDM arms, nice, did you get the poly bushings I was telling you about?
i just ordered them...and no. i didnt get the set with the whiteline bushings as they were 121 a piece, but they had others ones with just normal rubber bushings for 100 for both!! so i saved my self 142 bucks. and im out of i need to go get some for the trim pieces, and i need to get another radio bezel. and i cant do anything today because the roofers took over my driveway...
i might still have a extra bezel laying about my house ill have to look
word son
painted interior black, got the stereo rewired, in and working and put the interior back in. tried to get teh horn to work but i have no clue whats wrong with it...everything is hooked up now and its still not working. if the stock wheel ends up being broke im gonna order a Vertex or Nardi wheel (deep dish)
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