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first cylinder wont fire!! need help asap!

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my ca wont fire on the first cylinder. ive swapped the injectors around and the coil packs and mixed them all around. ive heard its comon for a ca not to fire on the first cylinder. its got a brand new head gasket. and i cleaned tthe crap out of the intake mani, and the butterflys and i cleaned the valves and valve seats with grinding compund. anybody ever have this or heard of this??when i get home im gunan give the coil pakcs an ohms test. and see if its a short in the coil wiring mabey? and im gunan check to see if the fule rais plugged with seddiment ro something.

please no flaming. i just want some guidlines and help to the solution.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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