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Fixing to buy this 95 but...

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I'm fixing to buy a 1995 Nissan 240sx base model, 126k original miles, automatic, guy told me it starts up fine and runs, but whenever you smash on the gas it loses power.. It's never been over heated and it dont over heat. Idles at 700, transmission dont slip, you can drive it around but cant smash on the gas hard.. I was wondering what could it be?
heres some ideas in my head..
Spark Plugs ?
Fuel Filter?
Cant be injectors cause it'd rough idle
Not blown head gasket it dont smoke , it dont over heat...
Please give me your thoughts..
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Fuel System.. does it die out like no/not enough fuel gettin to the motor. clogged injectors perhaps and the fuel filter like you said..
He lives a hour away and getting it for 1000, i dont wanna drive up there and figure out its a bigger problem then i wasted my time, and my friends (thats gonna take me) but the way the owner explained to me he said not enough getting whenever you smash on the gas .. i'll check it out tommo.. I already got a spare filter & ill get stp fuel injector cleaner..
have u checked all the belts under the hood?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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