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Flasher! where is it?

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I need to change my flasher., however i have looked all over the place, ripped my whole steering column apart and still am unable to find where it is. i ran a search and found that its in some control module in the drivers kick panel but not luck even after ripping that section of my car apart. anyone know exactly where it is??? help please!
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controls your turn signals and hazard lights. when they dont work or the light flash speeds up its time to change your 'flasher.'
you might want to check and make sure all four signals are are working. when a bulb blows in either the front or back signal the indicator light on the dash speeds up.
turn your hazards on and walk around the car, see which bulb is dead and replace it.
Yeah he is. Flasher? LOL...
Its a relay.
do yourself a favor... get the Nismo flasher. autozone flashers just won't cut it for drifting
Revolution240sx said:
do yourself a favor... get the Nismo flasher. autozone flashers just won't cut it for drifting

I found your flasher.
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Thats not Rated G:rotflmao

yea i believe its int the kick panel like u said..

its a small box, with a clip that runs in to it.
when i was installing my pivot headlight controller i believe i ran in to it.

there is also a green box way up in under ur colum, i seen that when installing the pedels...

did u read a US spec manual.. or a jdm one ?
might be on the other side.. Passager. side..
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if you can still get either left or right to click, you can just trace the noise. i've always found em under the dash though.
Its a black square box with three blade prongs on it that control the turnsignals and hazards, yes a relay but more commonly know as the flasher, and actually i just checked my FSM it calls it a combination FLASHER unit. Near as i can tell its located under neathe the cluster down by the pedals, just above the gas pedal i believe.
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